Grand tour des vanils

Hiking to the summits

With 11 mountain stages, the Grand Tour des Vanils is best undertaken from the months of June to Septembers. Well served by public transport, it offers great flexibility, from one to several stages.


The stages of the Grand TOur des Vanils

Each stage page includes information about the route on an interactive map. Points of interest and accommodation on or near the route are suggested.

One of the best

SwitzerlandMobility has crowned Rossinière – Allières the best stage of the Grand Tour des Vanils. Signposts along this stage are marked with the number 263 ; this indicates that it is a local SwitzerlandMobility route.



All 11 stages of the Grand Tour des Vanils are clearly marked (see below). These markings help hikers stay on course and enjoy their hike to the full. 

In the interests of safety, hikers are advised to plan their route beforehand and pack a hiking map.

des comportements responsables

Outdoor activities sometimes involve crossing areas inhabited by animals that are sensitive to disturbance.

Crossing mountain pastures also requires responsible behaviour that respects the work of the herdsmen, the landscape and the flora.

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Preparing your hike

Being well-prepared is the first essential step to a successful tour. Have you thought of everything? Here are a few things to help you get ready.

Livestock guard dogs

The route of your walk may cross a pasture protected by one or more herding dogs. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for encounters with these dogs during your hike.