• Distance : 3,4 km

  • Walking time : 1h

  • Altitudes : lowest point 774 m ; highest point 885 m

  • Elevation : gain 134 m ; drop 150 m


Lessoc –  Lessoc Bridge – Montbovon

From the 1796 fountain with its bulbous 1809 dome covering (a gift from a cheese merchant living in Lyon, but originally from Lessoc), the route skirts along the hillside above the valley floor to the Torrent. Cross the stream and follow it to Montbovon Lake. From here cross the Lessoc wood covered-bridge dating from 1667 and the Basses Sciernes stone bridge, then descend to the lake side. Follow the lake to its mouth before entering the village of Montbovon.



Lessoc Fountain

With its imposing roof of white iron scales, this fountain is the subject of a famous Gruyère legend. The fountain consists of an octagonal limestone basin with a central pillar holding an obelisk. It was built in 1796 by the mason, Jacques Vicarino and the blacksmith, Noé Both. Its eight-sided dome is said to be in imperial style. It was a gift from a wealthy inhabitant of Lessoc, Louis Zurich who earned his riches in the cheese market.

Here is the famous legend of Lessoc Fountain:

Good Colin loved his birth-village of Lessoc. In fact he loved it so much that he rarely ventured too far from his homeland. His favorite part was the lovely village fountain where cows came to drink, morning and evening; and where women came together to wash their clothing, just as well-versed in bleaching whites as discussing town gossip. One day, as the women did the washing, Colin passed by with his horse and cart, on his way to the fair in a neighboring village.
Colin sold two fine pigs and a black and white cow before heading home, with a smile on his lips and his wallet swollen in his pocket. The journey was rough so Colin decided to take a break and stop at an inn along the way. There he ran into three of his childhood friends. The church bells had sounded midnight and several pitchers had been emptied when the friends finally parted ways.
When he got home, his wife, waiting and worried, reprimanded him at once, calling him selfish and mean: "While you were chewing the fat with you friends, you left Fanchette, your beloved mare dying of hunger and thirst!"
Colin had forgotten all about his horse and as he had a good heart, he immediately ran to the stable. Untying Fanchette, he gave her a bucket of oats, then led her to the village fountain. That particular night, the moon was playing peek-a-boo, passing behind big, thick clouds.
Fanchette settled and drank at the very spot where the moon drew a beautiful silver disk on the water. All of a sudden, Colin said to himself: "Wait a minute… she's drinking the moon!"
Indeed, at that precise moment, the moon disappeared behind the clouds: "Oh my God, she swallowed the moon and she is going to die, my poor Fanchette."
The idea plagued him all night long. Fanchette, luckily, was far from death. In fact, she was enjoying a deep sleep. But not for long, for Colin soon woke her up to fawn upon her and take her for a walk.
- "Eh, Colin, you're walking Fanchette?" yelled the farmers, working their fields.
- "Of course, I must help her digest." He responded.
- "Did she eat too much fresh grass?"
- "Worse than that: she drank the moon!"
The word spread throughout the village and all the land. Indeed, the moon had not reappeared in the sky for several days.
The mayor called an emergency assembly.


Lessoc Bridge

Bridge dates from the 17th century. It has an impressive tavillon (wood-shingle) roof. On the old stone path linking the village of Lessoc to Montbovon, sits the most complete, well-preserved wood covered-bridge in the canton of Fribourg. The construction date is carved into the oak crossbar on the right bank: 1667.


Accommodation and dining facilities

The Park offers a list of agritourism accommodations that includes alternative accommodation, food and cheese-making demonstrations in the Park. Alternative accommodation includes chalets, refuges, B&Bs and guest rooms.

Public transport

Information and timetable: www.sbb.ch – Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.)

Lessoc : TPF train (Bulle - Montbovon). Stop Lessoc

Montbovon : TPF train (Bulle - Montbovon). Stop Montbovon





When you produce a valid public transport ticket for the dates of your package, we will refund you the price of a half-fare public transport ticket from your home in Switzerland (or from your point of entry in Switzerland) to your destination in the Park. If you decide to stay for two or more additional nights in the Park – either prior to the start of or at the end of your chosen package deal – we will refund you the price of a full-fare public transport ticket.




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