Col des Mosses (1020 m) – Rossinière (905 m), distance 15,5 km, walking time :  4 hrs 45 min;  5 hrs 25 min

 From the Col des Mosses, the hiking trail cross over streams and through forests to Les Monts Chevreuils. Along the way there are several breathtaking views, such as the Sarine Valley, Château-d’Œx and Les Vanils mountain range. The Dent de Ruth and Dent de Savigny can be seen in the distance.


Level of difficulty: experienced hikers 
Material: hiking shoes, picnic, weather-appropriate clothing (NB: mountain weather is very changeable)
Hiking map: 1:25'000 (mpa Géodistribution): Pays-d’Enhaut
Hiking map: 1:50'000 (swisstopo - FSTP): 262T Rochers-de-Naye


Accommodation at the Col des Mosses

Hôtel Le Relais Alpin, Route du Col des Mosses 104, +41 (0)24 491 05 00,


Accommodation in Rossinière

Hôtel de Ville de Rossinière, Place du Village 1, Rossinière, +41 (0)26 924 65 40, hotel-rossiniere.chThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Hôtel Elite, Route du Chemin Large 6, Rossinière, +41 (0)26 924 52 12, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Public transport

Information and timetables :, Bulle train station, +41 (0)26 913 05 11
Col des Mosses : PostBus (Château-d’Œx – Col des Mosses). Stop : Col des Mosses, poste
Rossinière : train MOB (Montreux – Zweisimmen). Stop : Rossinière



From the Col des Mosses, the path heads off towards L’Arsat, passing through highland moors of national importance. From L’Asart, the trail goes downhill until the Route de l’Hongrin, which it briefly follows until the hamlet of La Lécherette. From there, the route climbs to Les Monts Chevreuil until the Rodovanel mountain farm, then snakes its way through grazing land and forests until the Col de Sonlomont. Head towards the mountain farms of, first, La Bacu and, then, La Tanchin (point 1347), where you can take in magnificent views of the Sarine Valley. The path zigzags down to Rossinière. 



Grand Chalet de Rossinière
Table d’hôte de la Sciaz, Route de la Sciaz, La Lécherette
Lac du Vernex